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What is Personalcolor?

Personalcolor is an innovative and highly effective personality tool that gives you the most complete self-insight. You will gain insight into how you see yourself (self-image) and how others, from the business and personal environment, experience you (feedback image). This feedback image is unique compared to other methods in the market. You will also gain insight into your strong characteristics and possible development points.

Every person is unique. Some are real team players, while others prefer to work alone. Some people are rational, others rely more on their feelings. Personalcolor allows you to get a complete and enlightening picture of yourself. This is made possible by feedback from your business and personal contacts. Personalcolor uses four attractive colours.

This creates a common language and makes behaviour easier to discuss. Personalcolor is used for training and coaching, management development, team formation and development, recruitment and selection, career advice and organisational change.

Why Personalcolor?

  • By using respondents (giving feedback) the result is extremely reliable.

  • A distinction is made between behaviour in a business and private environment.

  • Clear insight into the style flexibility, or adaptability.

  • Optimal practical usability by naming colours instead of judgements.

  • Can be used by individuals and teams.

  • Practical for both business and private use (the Personalcolor card is a handy tool). 

Personalcolor management

Personalcolor indicates which individuals, teams, departments and customers make the greatest contribution with which specific behavioural preference(s). This makes the team, department, and organisational dynamics really transparent and therefore discussable. This is based on a constructive personality and team profile.

Personalcolor management can be used in:

  • Personal development

  • Sales development: improve collaboration with your prospects and customers

  • Team development: improving and optimising cooperation within teams

  • Corporate succession

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Management development

  • Advice, coaching and training

Personalcolor rates:

Our rates are transparent, in line with the market and based on the seniority of our specialists. All prices listed are all-inclusive, i.e. including travel and accommodation costs and excluding VAT, valid until 31-12-2020 and within the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and North Rhine-Westphalia. 

€695 per Personalcolor ‘Personality package’,

consisting of:

  • Inventory interview and preparation

  • Personalcolor personality profile

  • Personalcolor blocks                                                       

  • Book ‘Ik en de ander’ (‘Me and the Other’)                         

  • Personal explanation and coaching: 2 hours

  • Personalcolor card (handy tool for daily use)

Travel and accommodation expenses 

€695 per Personalcolor ‘Team Profile package’,

consisting of:

  • Inventory interview and preparation

  • Personalcolor Team Profile  

  • Personalcolor blocks

  • Book ‘Ik en de ander’ (‘Me and the Other’)                 

  • Personal explanation and coaching: 2 hours

  • Personalcolor card (handy tool for daily use)

  • Travel and accommodation expenses

Areas of application:

  • Improve collaboration within your sales organisation

  • Improve cooperation between your sales team and your prospects and customers 

  • Improve collaboration within your management team 

  • Improve inter-company collaboration

  • Trainee programme; coaching your new employees

  • Personal effectiveness

  • Corporate succession

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