Purchasing parts
& category management

Are you a parts manufacturer or distributor? Are you looking for pragmatic help with your data, procurement, category management, product management, parts catalogue, pricing or market introduction issues? With our network of aftermarket specialists at both B2B and B2C level, we can help you with a wide range of issues. 

We take care of your data needs

Together with you, we make an inventory of the data you need to operate successfully in the desired countries of the European automotive aftermarket. We also look at data that you already have available in your organisation, so that unnecessary overlap is avoided. The next step is to determine the desired dataset, which we submit in draft form to various data suppliers, in order to be able to compare suitable quotations with each other. We discuss these quotations together and, in consultation with you, we provide the right data agreement between your organisation and the data supplier(s) in question.   


We take care of your pricing model

A good pricing model that takes into account the interests of all links in the supply chain is essential for a successful market introduction and the commercial development of your business in the European automotive aftermarket. We help you on your way with a good pricing model, which we can also combine, if desired, with a competition analysis regarding other competing component manufacturers in the IAM and/or OES.             


We take care of your local purchase of OES or IAM parts

A thorough competition comparison can also mean that you want to analyse the products of your competitors in the OES and/or IAM sector at product level. But who should take care of the purchasing? With our extensive network in the IAM and OES sector, we take care of the purchasing of the desired parts in the European market. We also arrange a check on the most current OES number.  


We take care of the export documents and transport of OE(S) parts

If the local purchase of OES or IAM parts has been arranged by us, you will of course want to get these products to their destination. We also take care of this in close cooperation with you and external carriers such as FedEx. 


Dyam can help you, for example, with: 

  • Purchasing OES and/or IAM parts, so you can perform your reverse engineering process in a shorter period of time. You arrange the reverse engineering, we take care of the entire purchase process! This shortens your TIME TO MARKET by more than 50% in many cases. 

  • Pragmatic help with the selection and purchase of the right data, so that your product management team can make the right decisions. Consider, for example, fleet data and product data for the OES and/or IAM sector. 

  • Serving as a critical sounding board about the market introduction of a (new) product line: we answer the question how you can make a difference compared to the other suppliers in the market. 

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