Assemblage, verpakking

& stickering

Are you a parts manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler in the automotive aftermarket? Do you need help with assembly or packaging? Then we have the solution for you!

We take care of your assembly  

Do you have a challenge with assembly or installation? With our flexibility and ISO9001 and UL certification, we are the ideal partner for both simple serial work and complex jobs.   


We take care of your packaging problems 

Have you purchased products in bulk and would you like to repackage them in wholesale or small packaging? What about stickers, labels or codes? We have an appropriate solution for all these problems.


Dyam can help you, for example, with: 

  • Temporary or long-term capacity problems in your assembly or installation process.

  • Checking products that are returned. We can also repackage and sticker these returned products so that they are ready for the regular sales process again. 

  • More and more manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers are buying in bulk, often in Eastern Europe or Asia. Experience shows that all kinds of things can go wrong during packaging at the factory and during transport to Europe: for all these issues you can rely on our support. We ensure that your products end up in the packaging of your choice, provided with the correct coding and stickers. 

We provide manpower and innovation for the automotive aftermarket at low cost. Want to learn more about our services? Please contact us!

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Assemblage, verpakking & stickering:


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